Internal Audit

Internal audit is very necessary in current days. The world is changing with new innovation and technology and all the businesses are targeting to become better than the competitor.
With efficient business the owners can expect higher profitability and meet organizational goals and objectives. Our internal audit service will help you analyze your business processes, control weaknesses, and suitable measures to help you achieve operational efficiencies.
Our first task is to understand your business. Then, with our internal audit services in Bahrain, we develop a strategy that aligns with your business objectives.
We own dedicated resources of internal auditors, have best market practice processes, and personalized tools to bring your success to reality.

Outsourced Internal Audit Services

Our Outsourced Internal Audit Services help you focus on your core activities. At the same time, we take the burden of strengthening your internal controls to achieve operational efficiencies, accurate financial reporting, and safeguarding of assets. Our experienced internal auditors carry out the risk-based audit, document their findings, and issue an audit report highlighting their recommendation

Business Process Optimization

We study the ‘As Is’ processes, identify control weaknesses, duplication of efforts, and suggest ‘To Be’ processes to improve operational efficiencies by tightening internal controls and internal checks and work
towards achieving cost savings.


We work with your internal team and design an effective internal audit program, we work on assisting the team on providing best methodologies, best practices to carry out the audit. Our Internal Audit Co-sourcing service enables your internal team to complete the audit in time as per the industry best practices.

Special Investigations

Special Investigations are aimed at finding financial and operational fraudulent acts, gathering evidence, and helping the organization in taking a legal course of action. We also provide forensic audit services.

Follow-up Engagements

Here we look at the recommendation as per our previous internal audit report and help you take action on reported items to enhance the operational efficiencies and then go deeper into the operational aspects of the company to achieve cost efficiencies and cost reduction. We also keep regular monitoring of the functioning of the company to ensure that internal controls are working as intended.