HR Outsourcing

Contract Staffing

Contract staffing is one of the best HR solutions when a company is looking for resources. You can always come to us whenever you require on-demand resources. We have many candidates who work on a contract basis.
Let us know the skills you require, the period of the contract, and the tasks you want the resource to perform. If you take the benefit of our HR outsourcing service, we will find out the best possible candidates who will add value to your business.

Permanent Recruitment

We have clients in multiple sectors and various industries. With our expertise, we will find out the right talent for the job which you are looking for the candidate.
For every resource which is recommended he/ go through a proper screening process. Our HR outsourcing executives and recruitment experts first check whether the candidate fulfills all the required requirements or not.
For different job roles, we have specialists who can judge the candidates for their knowledge and relevant experience.

Payroll Outsourcing

We assist the management to process the payroll with full confidentiality using WPS system or without WPS system.
We offer Payroll Setup & Management services as well. This area deals with the administration of the financial record related to employees, their salaries and wages, bonuses, net pay, as well as deductions.
Under the payroll services, these are the following HR outsourcing solutions that we offer:

  • Complete payroll accounting and processing and management along with pay slip generation.
  • Taking care of the employee benefits
  • Managing bonus amount, incentive earned by an employee, and overtime earnings.
  • Accurate and timely reimbursement processing.
  • Leave calculation and management.
  • Passport and visa expiry tracking
  • Calculation of final settlements.
  • Leave Pay calculation.

HR Policy Creation

Our HR outsourcing experts prepare the HR Manual for your organization. We will review the current HR process and prepare the GAP analysis in line with the best market practice.
Post GAP analysis we will discuss with top management and prepare the first draft of HR Policy manual. Once the initial draft is approved, we prepare the final HR manual and can assist the client to implement the policy and procedure manual.